TREP Students have a full load throughout the day beginning at 5:00 a.m.  and continuing till 9:30 p.m. of prayers, EHV, studies, sports, value-based activities, cleaning, washing, bhajans, special programmes as well as attending ‘normal’ school.  The day scholars who make up most of the students have potentially more time to study (up to 3-4 hours in a day) as their parents cook their food, clean their rooms, wash their clothes, etc.   TREP students on the other hand do their own work.  They are lucky to get 2 hours of study in a day.  In-spite of this limited time, our TREP students are usually the toppers in the class scoring the highest academic marks.  One the the reasons is their training in time management, efficiency, concentration and how to prioritize their works.

Our academic achievements are noteworthy. 


1 – In 2017, our TREP#11 had 8 graduating seniors.  6 scored DISTINCTION marks and 2 others secured first class.

2 – In 2016, our TREP#10 had 14 graduating seniors ALL of whom scored DISTINCTION in the State SSLC examination.  (those girl students in red vests and boys in yellow shirts in the above photo).

3 – In 2015, TREP#9 had 7 graduating seniors, 3 got DISTINCTION and 4 first classes.

Yes, we are PROUD of these students’ academic performance.  But what is equally important for us is their CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT.  Each month students are recognized for their outstanding character behaviour and each year a SPECIAL TREP Student is honoured for his/her understanding and practice of values, devotion and life skills

our “TREP OF THE YEAR” annual award winners